Group Rating Evaluating Promise vs. Performance

Will your 2014 Ohio Alternative Group proposed quote deliver the discounts and/or refunds as promised?  Especially with the new Group- Retrospective program employers need to be very careful about joining a group because they promise a biggest “refund “.

In the Group-Retro program each employer pays their “full” individual premium the first year and then based on the “groups” future claim activity the employers can be assessed additional premium or receive rebates over a three year period. This is a very risky proposal and employers should consider the following before joining a Group-Retro program:

  • History of how many years the Group has been filed with the BWC
  • Number of employer members
  • Size of the Group premium
  • Group claim history to date
  • Actual Group performance verses projections
  • How will your individual premium and claims impact the group

Choose the RHK Group to advise you on the most cost effective Workers’ Compensation coverage for your company:

  1.     We are independent and represent multiple Ohio TPA programs.
  2.     No additional RHK fees, we have a relationship with our TPA partners.
  3.     Over 25 years of experience in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation business

For a no cost no obligation RHK review of your 2014 Workers’ Compensation rating program please complete the RHK (AC-3 Authorization) here.  For more information on our unique service and experience visit our website.

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